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Feeling Stuck in your Business? Visualize your Success

Feeling like your business is going nowhere, fast? Black and White Media can be the catalyst for a shake up in your company. Video is a proven influencer of thoughts, ideas and can motivate in a profound way. So If you can visualize it, they will come!

Visualization manifests results. It is and has been essential to the successes of many great leaders, athletes and businesspeople. It boosts confidence, creates culture and sparks innovation. Every business wants success. The question is, how can you stay on target, keeping a clear vision, and staying motivated?

Allan Richardson, a famous Australian psychologist who wanted to test and measure the power of the mind, conducted a study using basketball free-throws, and the use of visualization to create success in those free-throws. The study consisted of three groups (A, B, C) of random students. None had ever practiced visualization. Group A practiced free throws everyday for twenty days. Group B made free throws on the first day, rested in between, and then once more on the twentieth day, as did Group C. However, Group C was the only group to spend 20 minutes every day visualizing successful free throws but not practicing them physically.

On the twentieth day Richardson measured the percentage of improvement in each group. Group A who practiced daily improved 24 percent. Group B had no improvement. Group C, which had physically practiced no more than group B and only performed visualization techniques, did twenty-three percent better—almost as well as the first group!

ANSWER: Video is the most powerful marketing tool that will bring a company's vision to life. For example: Your subconscious can actually be programmed with video, which is part of visualization. Emotion evoking, goal specific and detailed video can be used as a tool to promote successful visualization in any business setting.

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