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Behind Every Business is a Great Story

2017 is gonna be HUUUGE!

First up let's talk about a bit of video marketing. It's been around for years but as it reaches now its coming into final maturity; the ability to embed videos. In the past couple of years we've seen embedded videos within an email become a possibility with the likes of Gmail and YouTube, but moving forward, this is going to become universally achievable across pretty much every major email platform. Currently, there are rumours going around that videos might be able to be embedded within the next evolution of text messages (following GIF messaging introduced in the past year). The maturity of video embedding will play into web design as well as it's becoming easier and as a result expected to see video content at the forefront of a website's homepage.

Society is becoming more and more concerned with always being in the know - this is apparent by the increasing numbers of users on apps like SnapChat. Instagram's response with their own "story" feature has been absolutely immense. Uploading short video updates for the public to quickly access, reached an all time high this year. Forward-thinking businesses are jumping on board, pioneering advertising and communication in a more personable way. Following the huge success of Periscope, Facebook rolled out their own Facebook Live video sharing functionality - another feature not quite yet tapped by businesses. People like to always be in the know, and because of this, we predict 2017 to be the year for businesses to really tell the world whether or not they're "with it" - and in real time!

Finally, businesses that want to fully immerse their clientele will be engaging in the likes of 360 video (video recorded in every direction so that the viewer can turn and tilt their device to get altered views) and Virtual Reality (a set of goggles worn that projects the image of a new environment directly into the viewers eyes, transporting them to a new location). Both of these are finally coming out of their infancy as consumer devices are now much more capable of viewing 360 videos (most new phones today) and VR content (HTC Vive, PlayStation VR and Google Daydream). By this time next year, the trend-setters will have already cornered their markets through marketing in these innovative ways, pioneering the path for every behind them to follow.

Are you ready to step in 2017? We can help. Contact Black & White Media to set up your free creative consultation and see what we can do for you.

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