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Black & White Media is Turning 4!

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This June, Black & White Media turned 4 years old. And to celebrate we wanted to change things up a bit. This post is all about our incredible 4 year life as well as what we hope for in the future.

Thanks to each and every one of you that have supported our climb and followed our journey. None of this story would have been a reality if it wasn't for your contributions to our success.


We officially opened in Downtown Oakville June 2013 in Downtown Oakville to a fantastic reception. Black & White Media in fact, opened as a predominantly photograpic studio. We specialized in portrait photography but also were involved in many other types of media like audio engineering, web/graphic design, and video production. Our slogan was... "Your one stop media shop." But as business is a moving and changing organism, we quickly learned what we had to adapt.


Even though Black & White Media is a very young company, we have continually been evolving from day one. But in 2014 we engineered some of the more massive shifts in direction thus far. Part of the revamp of BWM was focusing most of our energy on corporate video. Of course. to do that the right team is needed. 2014 was also one of the most trying years thus far. Within a matter of months we were robbed and stranded on the other side of the world and robbed and stranded right here in Canada. On our first night In Vietnam, a passing motorcyclist ripped away all our money, passports, cellphones and morale. We helplessly waited for 3 weeks with dwindling resources and even hope. But this ordeal wasn't even the worst.


To say that 2015 started poorly would be like saying fire is warm. After the pleasantries of "Nam" we thought those types of miseries were behind us, particulary being on home turf in Canada. But on a bitterly cold winter evening in Montreal, we returned to our car to find the windows smashed and ALL my film equipment gone. These instruments were my livelihood and were the result of 3 years of careful assembly. It all came crashing down in a matter of 23 minutes (that's how long we were away from our vehicle). Yes, precautions were taken such as hiding things under seats, blankets etc. Luck just was not with us.

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We were in Quebecs largest city to kill 2 birds with one legendary stone. In celebration of my wife's birthday/our baby-moon and to capture the "MONTRÉAL EN LUMIÈRE", one of the largest winter fests in the world. This catastrophe nearly killed the dream of becoming an influential media company. Until this history lesson on Black & White Media, most people would have never known the deep cuts that Montreal trip left. But from the ashes we rose and a pheonix we will become.


2016 saw doors open like never before. Not only did our quality begin to be recognized around the Greater Toronto Area, but the rebound from 2015 was alive. A year off track but we were slowly gaining ground. Many hard lessons were learned, i.e. get everything in writing even if, no; especially if, working with friends. Clients started coming in one after the other as word of our talent and dedication spread. But we barely scratched the surface.

Here's the best piece of advice I have ever received from someone, possibly ever. "50% of the battle is just showing up. Be there." As simple as it sounds it is so important. In 2016, I got to put this into practice every single day. On days when I didn't want to continue, or meetings I wish I didn't have to attend, I thought of this piece of advice and it always surprised me. As a young man, I didn't understand it fully but as a businessman now, it is something to live by. Just Show Up. Figure the rest out later.


There are so many ways this adventure ride can go from here. But we are aiming for the stars. Video is still in its infancy believe it or not because less than 30% of businesses have truly utilized its potential. We feel like we are standing in the right place at the right time to make a real impact in this industry. As doors continue to unlock, we are now in the enviable position to choose which ones are worth running through. In the course of 4 years we've learned that business will never be a faultless, accident or mistake free, especially one with so many moving parts . As long as the passion remains, the quality continually advances and the right people surround and believe in your mission, soon one of the doors will be the right door to create lasting positive reverberations. Will you join us? Share our story for a chance to win a $50 Starbucks Card. If your contact signs up for our monthly journal and puts your name is as the reference, you will be entered in the draw. Its that simple.

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