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3 Keys to a Successful Video Campaign

Videos are being consumed online currently at an astronomical rate and its only multiplying. With such video volume, it is imperative that your company's content stand out from the typical "stand and talk" video. So here are some tips for your campaign to hit the mark and stand out from the crowd.


Research shows that a bad video is worse than none at all. So that handheld iPhone video edited on windows movie maker might be driving your patrons away, rather than drawing them in with intrigue and wonder. When you have a unique, high quality video that breaks uniformity, a cinematic visual experience will entice the crowd to dig deeper, and explore further.


Afte you've spent the money to create an engaging, high quality video, what avenue have you taken to ensure the right people are viewing it? Knowing who your target audience is will give you an immense advantage when creating a campaign. Here's a simple example: If you are selling skis, would you prefer to have viewers in Canada or Mexico? Would you like an audience that is interested in tennis or winter sports? Of course, the answer is quite obvious but you get the gist! Decide, and be very specific about who you need to target for best returns.


Having a quality video and getting it front of the right audience means you are on the right track to see an increase in conversion rates. [Real life situation] You own a store that sells unique gifts for any occasion. A video showcasing all the products you sell should result in a sales increase. But how can you track the effectiveness of your media content. Setting goals before you create a video ensures that you understand the success of your campaign. e.g. are you raising awareness, selling a specific product or service or want to see an increase in internet traffic? Having this knowledge before you start your media campaign is a key to hitting the targets you are aiming to convert to subscribers/ collaborators/customers.

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