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Video production, to many outside the industry, seems like a very complex process to which the end is something unattainable. While it may be indeed a grand undertaking, grasping the 3+1 components will simplify the operation into a digestible form.

In the corporate world in particular the goal of video is not simply to create an engaging visual but to ensure a return on the investment. We do this with a strategy from start to finish that is aimed at your target audience and connects with them in an impactful way. We collaborate with you to understand your goals, develop your vision, and hone your key message. 


It all starts with a plan. By getting to know you, we can tailor the visuals to fit your specific needs. Typically this includes, creative sessions, script writing, storyboarding, location scouting, crew and equipment aquisition & more. 


This step in the process gets all the attention because of the lights the camera and glamour that goes along with it. But a good production simply  comes down to executing the pre-produciton plan as best a possible. 


We call this the iceburg effect. For all the work that goes into the pre & production, post is where the most amount of labour hours happen. With editing, colour correcting, sound design and animation, this is where the story truly comes together.


After putting in the care, the time and the resources into creating spectacular content, it's time to get it in front of your target audiece and see the return on your investment. Whether the goal is awareness, traffic or sales on a specific product, our team of video marketing experts will help you hit the mark.