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Why boost your business's marketing in the summer?

It's no secret that people spend the most money in the warmer seasons. If you’re in the food, beverage, automotive, housing, or tourism industries this is especially true. People want to go out and do activities that winter wouldn't allow, and luckily for businesses, this often requires them to be willing to spend a few dollars. But how do you increase your chances of those dollars ending up in your pocket and not your competition's?

For business owners who are the most prosperous in the summer, you shouldn’t be surprised when competitors are popping up left and right during your most profitable months. When competition gets fierce, your business’s fate is in your own hands. The good thing about new entrants in your market is that their budget was likely more focused on start-up costs than marketing.

Your business has to do all it can in order to attract new customers in the summer months, and it's proven that video and digital marketing offer the best return-on-investment of any available marketing strategies. In short, if you’re going to spend money on marketing, the summer is the ideal time, and video marketing is the ideal content. The solution may seem simple. A little more advertising in addition to some good word-of-mouth and your business will easily stay afloat. But it's not that easy. A good strategy that not only attracts the attention of new customers but also showcases what makes your business unique is absolutely key to a successful summer and a successful business.


If you'd like more info about changing the way you market your business this summer, email us at We'd love to help you take your marketing to new heights!

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