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Clear Vision for 2020

I know I know. This pun has been and will continue to be over used. But I just had to. It's too important of an allegory to let slip away, especially being in a visual industry. What I really want to ask is... Do you and your company have a clear vision to reach your target audience for 2020? I'd like to present 3 ways to really boost your marketing campaigns that can really help you and your team to focus your efforts and hit your targets. But First...



We had the pleasure of shooting over the past few months some incredible pieces. Including a stunning real estate brand video in the Downtown of Toronto with the iconic CN Tower.

Last year in the Fall of 2019, in the stunning back country of the Niagara Escarpment, we captured this unique cinematic real estate brand video. How do you think it turned out? Let us know with a comment.

As well, we got to shoot with the amazingly talented OTR who came up from Atlanta to film his latest music video here in Burlington ON.

HIGHLIGHT OF JANUARY: Toronto Gift + Home Market.


1) Personalize your people

We know that behind the business are the people that make it happen. But do your customers and clients?

We suggest: add some humanity to your corporation by telling the stories of the people that make it shine. Why not create a department video that highlights a certain section of the business or a particular person that has really made the difference.

2) Get Weird

In 2020 the internet is probably the most used tool in finding new business. But for someone searching for something in your industry, what sets you apart? What makes you unique? How do you make your potential client your next customer?

We suggest: create a video that really bypasses the formality and norms. Let people know how cool your company really is. Scripting an interesting narrative video that brings out your company's weird side just might do the trick.

2) Pull Back The Curtain

For most businesses there's something of a "hot dog mentality" in dealing with buyers. People like hot dogs but they never get shown how its made. I guess fear of grossing people out might be a legitimate concern, but in 2020 people want to know about how their products are created. They want to know what goes into the service they are paying for.

We suggest: Pull the curtain back and show them how it's done with a well crafted video. Studies show that customers connect much more with brands that show their process. In doing so they even become loyal to your brand. Its as if you are letting them into your inner circle and they feel like they are a part of the process. Even if its simply by making a purchase.

We'd love to talk to you more about how video will change the way you operate your marketing in 2020. Reach out to contact us anytime for a free, no obligation, creative consultation. Please don't forget to subscribe to our mailing list for more deep insights on video marketing, cool offers and prizes that are happening all the time.

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