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Are you %#$K*(#! tired of covid? Yeah us too...

Drop us a line anything about what you look forward to most when there is some sense of normality. In the meantime, here is something the cheer you up. At least it cheered me up. We are so proud of what our team was able to accomplish over the past year despite the mad world we find ourselves in. Most production companies release a demo reel as a transition from one year to the next to show what they have done and to be used as a tool to create trust with new clients. We are no exception in that regard. What we tried to do differently was to create a narrative. If you've seen a demo reel at any point, most likely it is a series of mediocre to decent shots showcasing the diversity of work from a cinematographer, director or production house. What we aimed to do is to connect the shots with a narrative that allows the viewers to place themselves in the story. This is a technique that we use with all our clients. Stories are what connect us as humans. No matter how beautiful the visuals look, if the story is lacklustre, so will the responses by audiences be. Check out our 2021 Demo Reel and see where story meets random visuals to connect the dots.

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