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Hindsight = 2020

Ok. Ok. The tagline isn't original. You've probably seen this on 17 different instagram inspirational image quotes with cursive writing and all. So I will try to keep this relevant to the film and video marketing industry to be more specific. What did we learn from 2020?

To say it was a tough year would be like saying summer in Phoenix is warm. So many of us came face to face with our worst case scenarios. Still, we've made it. So what's next? What can we take away from a terrible year? Someone once told me that if you've learned nothing from a bad situation then it was all for nothing. Here are a few of our takeaways that we contemplated as we transitioned from one moment in another. 2021 is here.

1) Create a fluid online presense

If anything became clear is that those who were already online didn't just survive; they thrived. Being forced online may be a good thing but most of us are now playing catch up with the ones who were already in that space. Now, though is the opportunity to dig deeper into your online presence. The future is a hybrid one. Once things open up again yes, everyone will want to have a human interaction. But if you think we are going back to anything close to "normal" you'll be sorely mistaken. We are in for the long haul of online selling and interaction so if you haven't already its time to take your business online; to the world.

2) Find relevant collaborations

When it was said that, "life is too short to go it alone" I don't think it was meant just for people. Businesses can adopt the same idea into their strategies for growth. Let's face it you aren't an expert in everything as much as you tell your friends you are on your Friday night zoom parties. There are things that you know would be very beneficial to your business that you simply just don't have the time to become an expert in. But the same can be said for other businesses looking for a company like yours to collaborate with. Why not partner and grow together? After all 50% of a lot is better than 100% of nothing.

3) Hope is not a strategy

If 2020 taught us anything its that things do not go according to play. It almost never does. However, not having a strategy is simply (put in a different way) a plan to fail. There are ebbs and flows with any business that cannot be anticipated. Yet, it's the companies that can forecast the future, create a stake in it and avoid the trail with the most obstacles that ultimately find success. Living for the moment isn't sustainable no matter what Drake says. It's not enough to make a plan and hope it works out. Setting out a path to follow, attainable goals and markable milestones are the key to reaching the ultimate end.

These are only some of the things we've learned in a year that was as solid as New Orleans house made of legos. But it certainly was a year of growth. We'd honestly love to know what lessons you took away from 2020. As mentioned it's impossible to know everything, so as much as I love writing about my insight, its equally if not more important to hear from others.


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Check out this video we shot with an amazing educational institution in Oakville ON.

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