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How to better serve your clients...Even in a pandemic

We want to share with you some life sustaining business tips we've learned from experience and from working with clients across many industries over the past year and a half.

The uncertain climate we find ourselves in has been challenging for us all and especially for small and medium sized businesses. But with these tried and tested tips you will weather the storm and even thrive through it.

But before we are get into any updates of the past few months check out a couple of the incredible projects that we've gotten into with you, our wonderful clients and partners.

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Start by communicating...

The uncertain climate of the past few months has been challenging for many businesses, and we’ve seen an increase in clients who are struggling to stay afloat.

In the face of volatility, it’s important to make sure you keep your customers informed and engaged. Clear communications will go a long way toward retaining their loyalty - now more than ever! Follow these three steps:

1) Devise an action plan

It's important to think through how you'll tell people about what's going on in the case there are bumps along the road ahead; this can include text messages or emails as well as social media updates with pictures. Keep your clients and customers up-to date as much as possible so they aren't left in the dark, even when things seem dark.

2) Use your Social Media Outlets

Social media is a super effective way to reach your customers during this time. Send out your current hours and services across platforms but also consider additional, specific content. Instagram is great for restaurants; “#foodie” isn’t a massive hashtag for nothing. On Facebook, you can thank your customers and share the measures you’re taking to ensure their safety. Share photos of your team and give them a shout out too--they need a boost right now too. Above all, be open and transparent. Your customers will appreciate your candor.

3) The Power of Video

With video, you can talk directly to your target audience and create engagement at a rate far superior to any other form of content marketing according Forbes Market Place. This is because videos seem oddly intimate - like they're one-on-one conversations between customer & brand instead of just broadcasting information about themselves across the globe as text can often do. This "new" medium has become incredibly popular for companies who want their loyal customers to be involved. It's more than just watching from afar but rather engaging with captivating stories told right before audiences' eyes!

To learn more about how video in particular can be an impactful tool for your business please visit our blog at

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