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Is now the time to invest in Marketing?

One of the biggest questions facing any company is this one. But, I think it is even more relevant now in the midst of a pandemic, lock-down, or global economic downturn (pick your experience). To answer the question plainly... YES. Resoundingly, yes. Of course, you will think I am biased being the front of a video production company but in this short article, I am going to site some of the great thought leaders in the business world to show you why now is the time to dive deep into marking (video in particular).

But first... Check out this Live Performance video created for Canadian Diva - Lu Kala for her recently released single "Love Shit"


"You have to be able to talk directly to your customers...It's a changing landscape in media but the fundamentals of marketing are still the same. Know your customer, speak directly to them and make sure you're providing them with the service or the product THEY want."

- Arlene Dickenson

It may be a difficult concept to lean into especially during a pandemic; not having a secure future. Not knowing how your customers are reacting. Not knowing what the next change will be with the lockdowns and "safety measures". You may be one of the companies impacted hardest by what has been going on. Please understand that this advice needs to be read and taken each case at a time. This is not a blanket statement for everyone. However, generally speaking, now is the most opportune time to invest in marketing and video.

Here's why:

Just like any financial guru will suggest, the best time to invest is when the market is down. The same can be true of video marketing. We all know that the pandemic eventually comes to an end. While it is hard to predict just when, the companies that are going to come out on top at the end of the madness are those that have taken the time, effort and resources to stay connected with the customers and build their target audience. Video is the perfect way to do that as it allows you to build trust, create understanding and awareness all while safely social distancing.

"If you aren't doing online marketing, stop what you are doing right now! Don't even finish listening to the rest of this podcast. Go do it."

- Arlene Dickinson

Conversations with the Business Next Door,

Resetting your mindset and Business

Video is one of the most powerful sales tools you can ever own. Let's pose it as a question. How would you as a company owner, employer or decision-maker like to have a member of your sales team working 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year? (without breaking any laws of course). I think we can all safely answer "YES." But "how is that possible?" you ask.


Yes, it can be used to build awareness, highlight an aspect of your business or showcase behind the curtains, however, if you are being honest, it is all about converting views to sales. The video is the tool that allows you to directly and authentically talk to your target customer in a way that impacts them and calls them to action. While you sleep (because you are human) a video will be on your website, social media channels, blogs everywhere reaching people for you, bringing them to your desired destination.

"The more the message is adapted to who will actually see the video, the higher the conversion rate will be."

- Josías De La Espada CEO of PIRSONAL

And this is where a highly skilled video production team comes like a knight in shining armour. A great production company takes the time to learn about your company's culture, the power of your product or service but most importantly, your customer personas. The goal of any type of video is to impact the viewers on an emotional level. Understanding the story and the goal sets up a wonderful opportunity to create an incredible video campaign. Your investment in video should be part of a larger strategy and for the purpose of seeing a return.

Reach out today to learn more about the Black & White Media team and how high impact videos can work for your company, even in the midst of the Corona Virus Pandemic.



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