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Is there a light at the end of the tunnel for your business?

In this blog, we say a prayer, cross our fingers and wait expectantly for life to go back to something like it was. But while we all wait, I'll give you a few ideas to think about as you get the marketing machine ready to roll again. But first... here are some of this month's Highlights



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Top 100 Video Production Company World Wide

Black & White Media Inc. has been given the "TOP 100 Award" by BEVERLY BOY in recognition of being one of the top corporate video production companies... In the world. It's not just for creating cool videos but it's our service record, our online presence and the transparency we provide. I'm so proud to be acknowledged for the years of love, sweat and tears put into this company. As we enter our 7th year of business, it's humbling to look up and see the progress that has been made. This is all thanks to you, our clients and supporters. We couldn't have gotten this far without you.

Blackwhitemedia.cagets updated weekly. Don't forget to check out all the new content and explore the new areas on the site. Let us know what you think by using the new chat feature.

Check out this music video by the BLACKLAKE team for OTR on his debut album "Lost at Midnight". It's always a pleasure working with these guys and I couldn't be more proud of Director Cameron Veitch and the vision he pulled off.


It's been just about 8 weeks and we are all starting to feel the burn of isolation in one form or another. But what has kept people sane in this time, is hope. There is much more of it going around at the moment with talks of releasing some of the tight regulations on social distancing. But for us, we want to know if you as a business owner, entrepreneur or C-level personnel at your company, have been asking the question, "what comes next?"

As a marketing agency, we have to see what is coming around the corner and help companies get to their goals as well as avoid certain pitfalls. It's part of the job description. Based on all the connections we've been making and the help we've been providing, we want to give you some solid tips that will certainly give you a kick start to fuel your new momentum.


Since the stay at home order was made official, many businesses have taken quite a hit. Facebook along with many social media platforms have, in turn, had to reduce their normal pricing for paid ads. However, as we seem to be approaching the end of the isolation and people are getting ready to get back to business, now is the time to remind your clients and customers of your products, your services and your story. 

2) Use the tools you have to stay connected with your audience.

You may not be a video mogul or a tech-savvy person, but now more than ever, it is easier to use tools like Facebook, Youtube or Instagram Live to connect with your audience.Here is an example:You own a restaurant and you're hoping to open up when the stay home order does. What if you show people in a live stream how to make one of your signature dishes at home, in their own kitchen. People will remember what you shared with them in their time of need.

3) Collaboration is key to relevance

When you are struggling to find purpose in a time like this, it helps to find another company/person that has similar goals but different sets of skills. This way you can help one another along the journey and develop new ways to reach out to the world. Perfect example: The film festival industry looked all but destroyed after things took a U-turn. But with some collaboration festivals like Tribeca, SXSW, Sundance & many more have found ways to engage their audience without a physical space. Is there a team out there that you can think of that you could benefit from collaborating with? Reach out to them and see what the possibilities are.



With over 2 years of production and editing, we finally finished work on this very cool cooking & lifestyle series by Maurica Hurley. It was such a challenging but amazing experience. This show is going to make waves and we are so happy that it turned out so entertaining.

There are so many uncertainties in the world around us right now. But one thing that we can all do is take a moment to appreciate what we do have and let's use the time to create unforgettable memories.

Contact us today to learn more about how video is going to be an integral part of marketing strategy moving out of this lockdown. We want to see you reach your target, see a return on your investment and most importantly, create conversions that you can actually see.

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