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We've all heard the term. It's a hot button topic that gets people talking. People know they need it, businesses know its no longer a luxury. It's a necessity. It's absolutely everywhere and it will certainly continue to make waves. But for something that is truly a business must, many can't really define it. Things that you can't define are hard to fully utilize. So what exactly is "Corporate Video"? Continue reading below...



Glad you asked


We've officially launched our Video Marketing Department at Black & White Media. "What is video marketing?" you ask. It's taking that incredible content you've invested you're time and resources into that we've created for you and getting in in front of your target audience. At the end of the day, it's all about conversion. What's the point of spending your hard-earned money on a slick video that doesn't move the needle? None. Learn more by clicking the link.


Our team had the chance to work with Nissan in Mississauga to create a unique look behind the scenes. So much of the car industry is focused on the features and looks of the vehicle. But we wanted to create a video that shows what goes on behind the counter and what makes the service centre so important for the Nissan Team. Full video coming soon.


Real estate is a moving target. It's constantly shifting, ebbing and flowing. But as an agent, one thing that doesn't have to move is your authenticity. People want to understand who you are before they buy and sell with you. That is why we create these incredible brand videos for real estate. To tell your story in an authentic buy cinematic way that connects with your audience. See more on our real estate video page.



The reason why it can be so tricky to nail down what "Corporate Video" is, is because it's actually a quite broad term that encompasses many different types of video. The most common type of video that we see, being most associated with the team corporate video, is a "Brand Video". We get this question a lot. "We need a corporate video where the people in the company talk about the company and we show people what we actually do. Can you do that?" The answer is, of course, yes we can, but what they want to say and don't have the language for is, "Can you create a brand video for our company?"

Another major type that falls into this category is Testimonial video. Brands, organizations and companies have always known that consumers giving their stamp of approval is worth more than its weight in gold. Having a testimonial video about your company often gets lumped into corporate Video shell. But this type of video requires a whole different skill set that a general brand video. Lighting and audio are the keys to making an impactful Testimonial.

While it can come in a variety of shapes and sizes, corporate video seems to have 1 major factor in common across the board; it's created to promote. Whether that is the entirety of the brand, a particular department within a company, product, service or even highlight a particular person, corporate video's goal is to get in front of a target audience and create action. The action you are looking for is up to you.

How is this helpful? Knowing what you need and the language to describe it is always better than taking a shot in the dark. Then, when you approach a video production company, they know you mean business and have done your homework. Here are most, if not all, of the types of videos that can fit under this very large umbrella to get you inspired for your next project:

• Brand Video

• Product Launch

• Crowdfunding Campaign

• Customer Testimonial

• Explainer / How-to Video

• Tips & Tricks

• Service/Department Highlight

• Sales Pitch Video

• Trade-Show / Booth Video

Finally, most of these types of video need a call to action. Here's an example:

To book your free consultation visit or call ______________

It's simple but no matter how slick your video is, if people do get the point, you've missed the opportunity. At the end of the day for business it's about conversion.

How do you convert? That's coming up next time on the BWM Journal when we discuss video marketing. Sign up today to stay in the loop, hear what's going on in the video marketing world and get all the deals & promos we offer.

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