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Are You Driving Your Customers away?


If a picture paints a thousand words, then how much does a video say? The numbers are in and they confirm that video is exponentially more powerful than the written word. According to Forrester Research's Dr. James McQuivey, "a minute of video is worth 1.8 million words." Video affiliate Platform Company is heralding Forrester's finding as the dawn of a new era for video affiliate marketing online.

With all this information being processed, have you considered what you will say to your clients with a high quality video production? Or the more important question, I feel, is what does your video say about your company. Many business owners in particular convince themselves that just having a video on their website or social media channels will be enough to reel in the perfect catch. But what many fail to recognize is that a video like a store front is an impression that you can never get back. Leave a bad one and your potential client may go scurrying along to your closest competitor.

Here is a great example. You own a luxury tourism company. Your goal is to reach a demographic of a certain means as your ideal client. The products and packages you create are quite frankly, the best value for money in the industry. Why aren't people lining up? Selling luxury goods creates an expectation from the customer as to the level of service and quality of experience. However, in this scenario, your website is out of date, your content is old/non-existent or worse gives a terrible impression of your company.

Consider this, a video on a website homepage or about us is like a first handshake. If you want to come across as disinterested, low-quality and completely underwhelming, by all means you should continue to create poor looking content. That's like giving someone a limp handshake when you first meet them at a business conference. Or if you want to give a good impression, stand out and be remembered, welcome your clients with something that really represents who you are and what you are all about. Remember a 1 minute video is the equivelent of 1.8 million words but what those words say are entirely up to you. Let us tell your story in a cinematic way that engages your audience and opens new doors. Our video production team specializes in understanding our clients needs so that we can get the right message across each and every time.

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