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Add Some Color to Your Business with Video

It sounds ironic, I know, coming from a company called Black & White Media but hear me out for a moment. In Vol. II of the BWM Journal we are going to be telling you about the importance of showcasing to clients your personality through video. With instant access to information at our fingertips, what will set you apart from your competitors can be as simple as letting people get to know you.

The most important thing to remember for a successful video marketing campaign make a personal connection on camera. Especially for small and medium sized businesses. Take, for instance, Michael Dubin’s Dollar Shave Club. The company's chief executive officer played up his outgoing personality and impressive grasp of Internet memes, and made himself the star of this video. In other words, Dubin used his personality and sense of humor to convey product messaging in a way that supported the brand. In the same way, when creating a video you should consider these three ideas about your company's personality:

  1. Does your brand reflect your personality or vice versa? A genuine personality on a video is vital to the customer making that unique connection you want to have. Your prices may bring in a new client but your personality is what will bring them back.

  2. Cost is no longer the most significant factor when potential customers are weighing their purchase options. With the internet giving us access to a global market place, ease, understanding of the product/service and of course emotional connections all play much larger roles that ever before in consumer dollars.

  3. Personality, whether from yourself as a business owner or as a corporation, is your chance to be unique, colourful, be resolute or be who/whatever you want. But showcasing it is what will help bring in the masses. One thing is for certain, a dead website and lifeless online personality is a great way to push interested people away and drive your existing customers to a competitor.

Now that you understand the importance of showcasing your personality, let us help you share it with the world in a cinematic way. Get in touch with us via any of our social media links or website below.

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