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Iceland: Journey of a Lifetime

We'd like to take a moment from our usual write-ups to share a little bit with you about our company's experiences this past month.

We traveled to Iceland last month to fulfill a lifelong dream. What we discovered was so much more than a dream and so much better than real life. Five filmmakers, each with two hands full of film gear embarked on a journey we'd never forget. The land of fire and ice, greeted us with its wintry embrace as we stepped off the plane. We had seven days to shoot six commercials - all for companies that saw in us the ability to bring their visions to life.

  • Happy Campers (an Icelandic camper van company)

  • VSSL (a Canadian survival kit company)

  • Mizu (an American producer of insulated cups and canteens)

  • Hol Food (a Canadian food replacement producer)

  • Peak Performance (a Swedish based ski/active wear company)

  • A grouping of collaborated art pieces (in part assisted by Ontario Camera)

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