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3 Elements of a Quality Video

There are so many factors that make one video stand out from its competition, especially with corporate video. But to help you identify what you should be looking for in either your own video or just around the web, we will try to boil it down to the most crucial aspects of a successful video.


Central to any great video is a great story. It doesn't matter how grand or small the scale of the project, without a clear message no amount of flashy visuals will pull it together. If a video is a home, the story is undoubtedly the foundation. Take the time to build a strong base by creating a great story...


Continuing with the analogy of a house, we reach the frame, composition and lighting. The greats take their time in this portion, setting up shots to reflect and reveal parts of the story. Composition and lighting can be a character on its own and great videos let them shine through.


Many corporate videos often over look the roof of this structure, sound. And just like a rainy day with no roof, great visuals with bad sound completely defeats the purpose. It could be an interview, voice over or diegetic sound, it must always be an integral part of your production. Click here to see a great example of sound and visuals working together.

So now that you know what to look out for, contact us to learn about how we can help you create real quality content that shows your audience what you are all about.

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