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Thank You for an Amazing 2017!

In this month's edition of the Black & White Journal, we take a look back at some of the best moments of our greatest year to date. As well have a look at how 2018 is shaping up.
Hitting goals and making new ones

In January of 2017 we set a few goals. Some were sitting ducks and others were down right mission impossible. But as the saying goes, "Shoot for the moon. Even if you miss, you'll land among the stars." And what a feeling it has been of accomplishment and celebration to spend a year digging through the trenches, to hit the proverbial well. I am happy to say we hit most if not all of the smaller goals and even a few of the impossible ones. But for every victory comes a new battle. 2018, here we come, sword in hand and ready to charge. For now, lets take a look back at the top 5 moments in 2017.


Judah Hernandez, the owner/creative director of BWM, was invited to be a part of a panel of young entrepreneurs at the Mississauga Board of Trade N-Gen event. March 25, 2017


Creating a brand video for a TOWN is no small matter and last year the Town of Oakville reached out and asked us if we could create something special for them. Yes, we can. Video coming soon.

June 2017 - Present


After 3 years of building a company from a home studio, it was finally time to step up to the big league game. The Cotton Factory in Hamilton, ON called us by name and now we have found a home like no other. April 1, 2017


Last year Toronto FC won the MLS cup and we got to be a part of the ride, albeit a small one. Combining 2 of my greatest passions Football and Film was a dream come true. April 2017


Our first major win as a production studio came this October when we were voted as winner in the short film category at the Toronto Independent Film Festival. A sign of things to come. October, 2017

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